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March 2017

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Where do we call home….. 

We get asked that a lot and the answer is wherever our motorhome is parked.  

Being retired, going to work everyday isn’t a concern.  But there is still work to be done as this is every day life for us and not one continuous vacation.  

There’s the days of grocery shopping and laundry; cooking, cleaning, though a lot less than our old  sticks & bricks house 🏠;  regular preventative maintenance on the coach as that’s our house driving down the road, William does a great job at making sure it keeps running, as well as looking pretty! 😄  bills have to be  paid (though, yes, that’s mostly done online); in other words it’s a household like any other…’s just smaller and on wheels. 

I know we stay in “campgrounds” often, it’s our preferred place when needing/wanting  all services, such as water, electricity and sewer.   And to say we are camping ⛺️ is kind of a misnomer as we live a very comfortable life.  Sure most sites have gravel or dirt surfaces, some are paved; there’s the usual picnic table and  charcoal grill, an occasional firepit 🔥; but that’s where any resemblance to camping stops.  This home has 3 tv’s 📺 ( living room, bedroom and outside); we both have our phones and laptops, mobile wifi, a printer 🖨; convection/microwave oven; induction cooktop; two air conditioners; full size refrigerator; shower; anyway, we’re really not wanting for comfort. 

But we don’t always stay in a campground or rv resort, especially when we’re on the road.  Sometimes we just need a spot to sit for a day or two. We’re completely self-contained for up to two weeks without services.  Right now we are sitting in the parking lot of Phoenix Elks Lodge 335 for a few days.  They very nicely let fellow elk rvers to stay when traveling through the area, as do many of the lodges throughout the country.  

Our next stop is Mesa, AZ for some routine maintenance on our coach at the manufacturer, Nexus RV.  Right now it’s in good shape and we don’t anticipate any problem so hopefully they won’t find any! 😐 We’ll stay onsite there (still in our coach) a few days then continue on our travels, New Mexico next.  

I’ve been asked a lot something that perplexes some….. how do you get your mail?   📬 Every rver has their own process, some have friends or relatives hold mail or send it on.  I chose to have a mail forwarding company to handle this for us. I’ll get a “you’ve got mail” 📩 email. And when we’re at a site for a few weeks I’ll have them send it all at once to an address of our choice.  So far it’s working out fine.  🤞

Now it’s time for one of those daily chores……dinner!! 🦐

Safe travels!! 

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