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April 2017
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Cowboys and the Old West…… 

Ok, well the 🤠 (cowboys) in this instance don’t ride horses, but they do run up and down a football 🏈 field!  William happens to be a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan.  Really, I do love football myself, but growing up outside D.C. I am a long time Washington Redskins fan (in spite of not having really good winning season in a long time).  Anyway, since we’ve been staying not far from Arlington, TX we went to AT&T Stadium last week for a tour.

To be honest, we both enjoyed the tour.   The place is huge, TV just doesn’t do it justice.

Toured thru the locker rooms……

The Dallas cheerleaders have nothing to fear from me….. 😂

What was really fun was being able to go on the field …….

sitting on the ‘boys bench……

Where did the reporters go…….

Really was a fun morning!!

After lunch we drove to the historic district of Fort Worth!

Plus an old fashioned cattle drive….cowboys (and cowgirls) horses and long horns!!

And for $5.00 you can take a picture with this guy……somehow it just didn’t seem right. 

All in all, great day!! 

2 comments on “Cowboys and the Old West…… 

  1. Vivian Moreno says:

    So glad your having a great time! Hey I can relate to where you were in those pics!! Ericka is only about a half hour away from there! Oz told me about the cattle drives, they actually close down the streets, can’t remember if he said it was every weekend, but I think so. We were going to go, but time got away from us. NEXT TIME!!!
    Hugs to you and William. Talk to me soon!

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    1. Oh that “cattle drive” is twice a day, every day. And they do close down the street. They’re only about 20 cattle and you’re only within a foot or two from them when the pass by. Yep, next time. And I know you’ll have a next time!! 😉😁


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