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April 2017

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Leaving Texas…… 

We’re on the road again, left Texas on Wednesday. This time though we’re headed to Indiana.  

Last Friday afternoon there were impending thunderstorms (which seem to happen often in Texas in April) and a tornado watch so we decided to put in the slides just in case.  3 closed just fine, the fourth wouldn’t, then it tilted, totally out of alignment. Can’t drive with the slide open, so until we found a way to close it we were stuck. Nice place to be stuck tho…… 

Not much to be done with it over the weekend, so on Monday we gathered some help with strong arms, and after several hours, manually pushed the slide in.  (It’s a big, heavy slide) Met some very nice neighbors too.  And we really appreciated their help!!   They shored up the slide with some two by fours, yes that’s to keeping it from sliding out on to the road.  That would be so messy!! 😂

We decided to leave Bridgeport a day early and change our plans to go directly to the factory and get the coach fixed.  It was our intention to go to Kansas, Nebraska and S Dakota first….. but we’ll hit those later this year.  Sometimes plans change.  It’s nice to be able to be flexible. 

Right now we’re driving along I 44 (Route 66) in Missouri.   Yesterday was a lovely sunny day……today it’s rainy with a few ⚡️ bolts ⚡️ of lightning.  Chilly too.  

The rest stop we stayed at last night just outside Conway, MO, was so nice. Clean, plenty of oversized spaces. Lots of trees all around.  Missouri is so green! There was a welcome center dressed up as a diner from the 50’s along Route 66. If only they served chocolate shakes, that would of been perfect! The ladies there we very friendly with lots of trivia. It was interesting talking with them.  

We’re taking our time and plan on arriving in Elkhart this Monday.  See what happens from there.  

So far the drive has been uneventful.  Home is intact, the engines working, we’re Good! 👍

Relaxing a bit…..

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