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May 2017

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…….thoughts from being on the road…..

One of the reasons I started this blog was to remember……for some reason my memory isn’t quite as sharp as it once was, I needed a way to track where we were and when, maybe some interesting trivia and thoughts along the way. And if those who read this get a laugh or two or find something interesting…..that much better.  

Weather is something we talked about, realizing that it will be a factor in our travels. And intending to stay away from the worst! Now that we’re on the road I find it’s not quite as easy to keep away from some really severe weather. Different seasons in different regions each unique and I guess I’ve been in Southern California way too long, just spoiled with that weather. Note to self: do not travel from Texas to the Great Lakes March through May.   When weather looks like this:    

{{….yep that blue dot in the middle is us….}}

…….it’s best to avoid. Trouble is one can’t travel west to east without crossing the Midwest. While we were in Texas each storm that went through our area brought lots of rain, wind, possible hail, possible tornadoes and flood watches. Luckily for us at least, the locations that did get hail, flooding and more were somewhat to the east of us. We missed the worst, but got enough. There was storm after storm, even after we left Bridgeport, TX. From Oklahoma to Michigan, rain, thunder, lightning….. while the threat was there and very real in some of the areas we passed through we missed the flooding, hail and tornadoes. Again the worst of the storms east of us. William didn’t mind driving in rain much, tho the wind really made it much more stressful. He was much happier driving on dry roads. After arriving in Michigan on May 1st there was still rain and this time cold. Several mornings we woke up to below freezing temperatures. In May! 😳

Driving the house around, I think I’ve said it before, there’s always the possibility of problems. Just south of Oklahoma City on I 35 we hit a bump, while I was blissfully ignorant in the passenger seat, William quietly mentioned there was an engine issue. And just as fast he exited the highway (amazing there was an exit just when we needed it) pulled across the street and landed half in half out of a motel parking lot….yep the tow car was still in the road. He didn’t tell me the engine quit while still on the highway….. we just coasted through the exit. Fortunately he turned the key and the engine kicked alive and we parked…..looking at each other wondering what happened and what to do next. 😐🙁

Nervously we got back on the road. And the drive went smoothly. Stopped for the night and wondered what the next day would bring. Rain!! 💦💦💦

Driving through Missouri every now and then hitting a bump we’d loose the instruments, radio and the engine. A second later all was right again. This continued all through the drive to Michigan, not every bump but enough to be vigilant. Fortunately the engine always started back and didn’t completely stop.  

Since our appointment wasn’t until May 9th we bided our time at the campground. And now we wait. And wait. I’m writing this as the coach is in service. Yesterday the slide was fixed, now we’re waiting to see if they found the dashboard issue.  

Till next time! 

Safe travels! 

One comment on “…….thoughts from being on the road…..

  1. Vivian Moreno says:

    WOW!! Happy to know your where you can get it looked at. Worrying while driving is no fun and the trip is all about having a good time learning and enjoying our USA!! Hope all goes well from here out. I’ll talk to you soon.

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