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…….on to Michiana 

While the trek from Texas to Michigan was slightly anxious due to the mechanical and weather issues we had, overall it went rather smoothly. Each day we stopped for the day early afternoon at a rest area. Learned a lot about nostalgic Route 66. All the fun places travelers used to stop that most are long gone. They had the right idea back then for traveling. These days along the interstates are so sterile, no charisma! It’s a shame the most sites of that era are gone. Route 66 is an icon. Funny thing is growing up in Maryland I had no idea it was real. I just knew the tv show (Route 66) and that oh so cool corvette.  

Yeah I’m dating myself …… 😂😊😂
We did drive by St Louis and saw the arch in the distance. (We had stopped there a few years back). Then we had to cross the Mississippi River. I’m not to fond of bridges, in fact it’s a phobia …… Gephyrophobia!  Been that way since I was very little hiding in the back seat while Dad drove over the Delaware and George Washington bridges……those were the worst. 😳😬

 I know…… TMI 

Next we hit Illinois. Land of Lincoln and ⚡️⚡️🌬💦💦🌪 We did stop in Springfield and took a break at the Abraham Lincoln museum. Did you know he was terribly ridiculed ……

…..and widely loved by he time of his death. 

There is a library adjacent to the museum, tho no exhibits while we visited, the library is used mainly for research.  

Being too cold and still raining to walk around the area to see more sites, we left and continued on our drive north. 

Next day we were at the rv park in Michigan. 



We knew retirement was getting close. We also knew we really wanted to travel and that it was probably too expensive to keep our house and travel as we wanted. It was time to downsize. The house was sold, a motorhome is our new home and now it's time to see the country. And this is our journey.

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