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May 2017

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Back in Bear Cave  campground……

After two weeks, our coach is fixed and we’re back at the campground enjoying a partly cloudy day on this Memorial Day weekend.   

We got to the Nexus factory service center in Elkhart for our appointment on Tuesday, the 9th.  There are sites set aside for those staying overnight and longer on premises with an electric hookup.  Basically it’s part of the parking lot.  But it works nicely.   Inside they have set aside several rooms for customers to wait comfortably and separate from other customers. They took the coach first thing and while it took all day rebuilding the slide mechanism, it’s working just fine.   

There were still several other issues that needed attention, which they would get to eventually. The problem with the engine cutting out was taken care of by freightliner center, turns out it was not the dash but the key slot, it was loose and jumped whenever we hit bumps turning the key. 

The window still had that crack so we decided to have that replaced.  We couldn’t get an appointment for several days so we stayed at Nexus through the weekend.  

Window replaced, then back at Nexus for a few minor issues to complete then the kitchen slide started making odd noises.  Turns out we were quite fortunate we were still on site because what was thought to be a simple fix turned out to be a complete rebuild of the kitchen slide.  It was just a matter of time before it would of completely broken, probably out in the middle of nowhere.  

So….. everything that needed to be was fixed. We’re hanging out at the campground for a couple of weeks just relaxing this time.  Staying around to attend the Nexus Rv rally early June.  Then it’s on to Ohio and eastbound. 

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend.  


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