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Rally time……

Our last days in Indiana we spent in Elkhart Campground for the Back Home in Indiana 2017 Rally. A three day event for us NeXus RV owners. Turned out to be a nice few days, made some friends, learned some stuff.  

They kept us busy.   

First evening was a meet and greet.

Of course there was food 🥘 

Next day breakfast at the factory showroom, factory tour, lunch, question and answers with the owners and staff, tour of the lamination / service center and BBQ dinner back at the campground. (Notice the food theme – BBQ was delicious, btw) 

Next day breakfast, owners meeting, outside vendor displays, pot luck lunch, complimentary repairs from Nexus and finally, bus trip to dinner at Amish Acres in Nappanee.  (more food) 

The next day, June 11th, off to Ohio.  


We knew retirement was getting close. We also knew we really wanted to travel and that it was probably too expensive to keep our house and travel as we wanted. It was time to downsize. The house was sold, a motorhome is our new home and now it's time to see the country. And this is our journey.

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