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Traffic jam Lancaster

Our ride from Ohio to Lancaster was blissfully uneventful.  We took our time, William only driving about three hours or so each day.  There was no hurry, especially since I miscalculated by one day and couldn’t revise our reservation.   
Circle M RV Campground nestled in lush green woods next to the Conestoga River.  This park doesn’t assign sites so it took quite awhile to find one  that would work for us.  Plus it was very crowded due, I think, to the upcoming July 4th holiday weekend.   On a suitable spot the current resident was just packing up his coach, getting ready to leave so we waited and as he drove off we claimed it as ours, temporarily that is. 

This place was pretty nice overall.  Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, which seemed to be where most people spent their time, kids especially.   One perk for William was a very nice pickleball court.  Unfortunately very few people were interested in playing.  Still, we enjoyed our stay there.   

We visit Gettysburg on Saturday, several days before the 154th anniversary of the Battle, which occurred July 1st through 3rd, 1863.  It’s a solemn place in many ways. For what those that fought there endured; the loss of life was staggering, as were the casualties.  Townspeople told to evacuate, homes turned in to headquarters and hospitals; crops destroyed, fields now graveyards (many still buried there). A country so widely divided that war seemed the only path to bring it back together.  At such a high cost.  

There are few buildings still standing. 

This is the Lydia Leister house.  A cannonball did damage part of her home, she had it repaired after she returned to her home. 

She and her daughters had to leave her two room home that General Meade turned in to his headquarters of the Army of the Potomac during the three day battles. 

Reenactments:  a field surgeon here.  

Pharmacy supplies 

This block is actually tea.  I was told they scrape the block and then brew.  It’s supposed to have a very good flavor.   

Union soldiers.

Lots of monuments both Union and Confederate….. 

Lots of cannons too. 
Philadelphia was the next trip. 

The Liberty Bell
Benjamin Franklins burial spot.
Independence Hall
A conversation with Ben Franklin and James Madison.

William’s first Philly cheesesteak  👍

Streets of Philadelphia
Tun Tavern. Said to be the birthplace of the Marine Corp. Unfortunately there is only a marker, the tavern no longer stands.

Museum of Art; and Rocky’s steps.

And yes, William did the run!! 

On our trips I usually use google maps GPS. On the way out of Philadelphia we made one little wrong turn. Of course the GPS rerouted. We ended up driving thru New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland before we finally got back to Pennsylvania.  Funny thing tho, it only took us an extra 30 minutes longer in our return trip.  

Back in Lancaster I found out there are still many covered bridges.  They date back to the mid 1800’s.  

Cornfields everywhere. 

A pretty country church.  

A lot of evenings we just hang out at home.  Sometimes busy, sometimes relaxing. Some evenings when the weather is nice, which it has been a lot lately, just siting outside, enjoying a cool breeze.  Brought back memories of home in Berwyn Heights sitting in our back yard enjoying another cool breeze, watching the fireflies at dusk.  I haven’t seen them in so many years, maybe it’s just too dry in California for fireflies.   

Safe travels! 


We knew retirement was getting close. We also knew we really wanted to travel and that it was probably too expensive to keep our house and travel as we wanted. It was time to downsize. The house was sold, a motorhome is our new home and now it's time to see the country. And this is our journey.

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