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August 2017

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Back home….Oh the Humidity

Arrived at Cherry Hill RV Park, College Park, MD on July 6th. (Just a few miles outside of Washington D C)

Back home because the family home is a few miles from this park in Berwyn Heights. My brother and sister went to high school just down the street. Mine, many years later, is on the other side of town. Mom and Dad are no longer with us. Departed '98 and '03 respectively. Amazing how much I still miss them after all this time, coming back makes the ache more pronounced. The house is still in the family. The same, but different.

My daughter, Angela, lives and works near by. Carla, my youngest, lives about a half hour away, just outside of Baltimore.
Work got in the way so we weren't able to visit right away. We all went out to dinner the following Tuesday evening.

It was great to spend the time with them, but, of course, it was too short.

On Sunday had a wonderful visit and dinner at cousins Fran home.

Fran, Fran & Fifi

What a great family visit. Cousin Kathleen joined us for dinner. And Fran's mom, Aunt Jo, ninety-seven in just a few months.

Aunt Jo ….. isn't she gorgeous!

We're not in Maryland very often so I do try to make a pilgrimage to the cemetery whenever possible. Always a few tears to shed.

The Washington DC region has an abundance of sites to see depending on your interests. So much history here inside and outside the Beltway. Beer and crab fests (if you haven't had a Chesapeake Bay blue crab crab cake you are in for a treat. Nothing compares!); concerts, oh and casinos, too. Gambling used to be illegal not too many years ago. Name your vice it's probably here.

On a Monday we traveled to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

Tomb of the unknowns. Changing of the guard. Impressively, beautiful ceremony.

From a distance we thought it was a real funeral procession. Turns out it was only a practice run. Complete with a casket.

From Arlington we drove to Mount Vernon. George and Martha Washington's home. A beautiful home next to the Potomac River.

Amazing that this is the original building and not a reproduction.

Tomb of Martha & George W.

The property is vast and well maintained. Most of the items in each building are reproductions, though there are a few items in the main house that are original, unfortunately we were not allowed to photograph them.

Slaves quarters


A few days later we took the metro to downtown DC. (Tip: if you do travel to D.C., the metro, rail and/or bus, is the best way to get there. Traffic in town is horrendous and parking is impossible)
We've been there before but there's always something different to see.

Mr Lincoln

Jefferson memorial

A view from the Washington Monument

World War II Memorial

Momma duck with her ducklings at the reflecting pool.

Vietnam War Memorial

Martin Luther King Memorial

The following several pictures are of FD Roosevelt Memorial. A long, winding pathway, several sections of FDR's legacy. So serene, almost spiritual in its setting.
I thoroughly enjoyed this more than most.

They wouldn't leave us alone, kept chasing after us. Of course, that was more than likely due to William throwing potato chips at them. Who knew they loved pringles?

After this we pretty much called it a day. Got on a bus to get closer to the metro station for the ride back. Can only guess about how much we walked that day. Not to mention the temperature was about 100. And the humidity….oh the humidity ….was close to 100. But that's normal for this area. I was drenched and my hair was frazzled. Whatever! We had a wonderful day!

That Thursday Angela invited us to dinner. The main course was one from Mom's recipes (pasta and chicken) which was wonderful. Grandma would be proud. Thoroughly enjoyed, plus she made chicken cutlets for William. One bad family trait, she made too much. The leftovers were welcomed tho, she had a few dinners for herself and we had lunches from the cutlets.

I hadn't been back to the house in ages. And tho furnishings were different it was still Mom and Dads home. Their presence was still there surrounding me. It was a good visit with Angie and I'm so happy she invited us.

And we got to meet Buster!

On Saturday we drove down to Quantico, VA. About an hour an a half south of where we were. William's granddaughter Nuri is stationed there for OCS – Officers Candidate School, U. S. Marine Corps.

We had a nice visit and dinner. It was fascinating for me listening about her training, her goals. As a Marine himself, William had tons of questions. The conversation flowed the whole evening.

Earlier in the day William and I explored the Marine Corps Museum. It's fairly new, from 2007, still parts unfinished. You can see the top of the museum from I-95. It's worth the time to explore. A stunning tribute to our Marine Corp, past to present.

While there were many exhibits, interesting in itself, what was most moving to me was the artwork. Most of the artists are Marines. "Go to war, Do art"

Outside the main building as you walk along the wooded pathways, quiet and serene, there are tributes, monuments dedicated to those who fought, who died, remembering the battles, from the beginning to the present.

At the end of the path there is a chapel, elegant in its simplicity. A place for anyone regardless of what God one believes. A chapel for any denomination, as is the practice of any military base.

The rest of the stay in Maryland was quiet and restful. It was good to be there if only for a little while. The only down side — the humidity. Oh the humidity. Sweating from morning till the next morning. Quite thankful for a/c. I remember as a kid, our house did not have a/c. Just fans. The first a/c Daddy bought was a window shaker stuck in the dining room window. The little things one remembers.
I will say there is one benefit to all this humidity. I had forgotten how soft my skin used to be before I moved out west. Years of dry heat really did dry out my skin. It's kinda nice…..for now.

Till the next time!

Safe Travels!

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