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Gloucester, VA

We left MD on July 13th, got to Gloucester in a few hours the same day. Stayed at Chesapeake Bay, another Thousand Trails rv park. Situated along the Piankatank River.


This was a nice three week down time for us. While there is plenty to do and see in this region, Williamsburg, Jamestown, Busch Gardens, we decided to just “chill” most of the time, this time around.
There are 4 Pickleball courts, nice courts, on and off a number of regulars there were around, so William was able to get some game time this stay.

my favorite spot

The one town we did drive around (we never explored before) was Yorktown. Small town, I was just curious as to what was there. On the banks of the York River. Seems there are a few buildings standing from the 1700’s.

look closely to see two cannon balls in this picture embedded in the wall. while legend has it those were from a battle during the revolutionary war. Fact or fiction, I guess we’ll never really know for sure.

Situated strategically on the York River, a wide history from colonial times through the Civil War. A small beach on the riverfront, several shops and dining on the river walk. It was a sunny day and enjoyed the walk around the whole town.

this structure was by the river walk, though we have no idea what it is or used for….. any thoughts?

Virginia time was some family time too. We spent one afternoon visiting Bill and Nicole at their home in Newport News. And met Tuco!

Then one Saturday Bill, Nicole and kids came over to the park for the afternoon and BBQ.

Nicole, Bill, Megan, Joel. ❤️

Joey took this selfie….. good shot except we only see Megan’s forehead.

There was foosball ……

and miniature golf…..

and I miss them…..

Every now and then we see some interesting things along the road.

The gas station is long gone but the sign still remains.

Our time in Virginia was enjoyable, but as usual we were looking forward to getting back on the road.

Till next time

Safe Travels where you may roam.


We knew retirement was getting close. We also knew we really wanted to travel and that it was probably too expensive to keep our house and travel as we wanted. It was time to downsize. The house was sold, a motorhome is our new home and now it's time to see the country. And this is our journey.

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  1. Bet ya loved seeing family!!! I want that old Diggens house, love the old much more than the new! Have a wonderful time my friend. See you soooooooonnnnnnn.

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