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August 2017

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Back on the road…..

We left Virginia on a Tuesday, the 8th. Heading west this time, Kansas City as our destination. William’s hometown.

The plan was to take several leisurely days to get to KC with hopefully no mishaps. But we never know what’s going to happen as we travel.

The first night was a travel center in Beckley, West Virginia. Just the usual truck stop, parking amidst the trucks. Relaxed, had dinner, then an evening walk. Next to the trucks, fuel stations, and stores, was a place called Tamarack advertising a buffet breakfast. We wandered up the hill and found a treasure. Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia. Lovingly landscaped, featuring sculptures.

Stupid me this is the only outdoor picture I took.

Walking around we found an area just for RV’s so we got the coach and parked there. Quiet, green, cooler. A nice spot to spend the evening.

Then we went over, strolled thru the gardens again and went inside to this……

A wolf in sheeps clothing

Beautiful woodwork

Gorgeous artwork

Cool chessboard and chessmen

My favorite “moonshine” jugs and cups.

Traveling on I 64 in Beckley WV, this place is definitely worth the stop. Everything is for sale, most too rich for my pocketbook, but the artistry is phenomenal, possibly see an artist demonstration on site. It’s worth wandering around just to enjoy. And maybe grab a bite to eat in their restaurant.

Driving through western Virginia and West Virginia, the mountains are just beautiful. Rolling green hills in summer; kaleidoscope of colors in the fall.

Seriously driving thru Charleston, WV

Usually when we stop on the road for the night it’s at a rest stop on the interstate. They’ve been good experiences. Rest stops vary from state to state; from attractive landscapes with lots of amenities and food choices to barely a candy machine, port-a-potty and picnic table. Sure sometimes the trucks can be loud, but we tuck ourselves away in the coach, watch some tv. We’re comfortable, we’re home. Until one night…..

…….I woke up in the middle of the night, must of been around 2am, to the most awful smell. Worse that a barnyard in the middle of a hot, muggy summer. Then I came aware of strange, anxious noises; and mooing! Looked out the window and there were not one but two transport cattle trucks parked next to us. One unhappy cow was making a racket, totally irritated, constantly mooing and whining. She kept kicking against the sides of her cage and scraping the floor. Occasionally other cows joined the chorus, but mainly it was just one that I heard. I kept wondering if she was upset over being cooped up, mad cause the truck stopped or upset over her destination. This went on a few more hours. Oh that smell…..funny tho I kinda got used to it after awhile. We both were able to get back to sleep. By the time I got up in the morning both trucks were gone. William mentioned that there was some manure on the side of the coach and a lot on the ground. Now he was the irritated one.

Fortunately an evening like that has been the exception.

Continuing our travel west we had another engine warning message, same problem that we’ve had three times before. The next Freightliner center was Lexington, KY. We stopped there but they couldn’t see us for a couple of days, too busy. So we continued down the road to Louisville and made an appointment for the next morning at the center in Clarksville, IN (just across the river from Louisville). Got there before they opened and waited. They took the coach in pretty early and we left for breakfast at a local diner.

Went back to the service center to check on the progress, they were checking things out but it was going to be awhile. Decided to check out Louisville proper. Drove across the Ohio River and found the Muhammad Ali Center to tour.

There’s a river walk near the center, it was a lovely day and lovely place to take a stroll.

Thought about taking a dinner cruise but our time there was too short.

Ali’s grave is at a nearby cemetery, Cave Hill Cemetery.

Col Sanders of KFC is also buried in the same cemetery.

Nearby was the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. Didn’t get a chance to visit but it’s on our list for next time.

There’s always more to see.

But we needed to get back to the coach and see good news or bad.

Fortunately it was good news, more or less. While they couldn’t duplicate the original problem they did trouble shoot, tighten up and all around checked things out. We were back on our way.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. We made it to Lawrence, KS safe and sound on that Sunday morning.

Till the next time.

Safe travels!

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