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September 2017

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Frances K

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Family time Missouri/Kansas/Nebraska

Passing thru St Louis. There’s the Arch in the distance.

We spent several days at a KOA rv park in Lawrence, KS. Had the hardest time getting a reservation for the days we wanted to stay. Fairly nice, small park though most of the sites were too small for our coach so they put us in a site designated for extended stays. A little pricey but it was the only one left. Worked out okay for us.

The first day out we just went driving around. We’ve been to Kansas City, KS many times in the past as William grew up there. Few places in the area that we hadn’t visited previously so we decided not to site see. Driving by the cemetery we stopped to pay our respects to his parents and brothers Al and Richard.

We drove through the old neighborhood, passed by his parents house, his niece lives there now. The house looked good on the outside but William didn’t have the heart to go inside. Stopped at an old friends, Anya, for a visit. So much to catch up on, always not enough time. It was so good to see her.

A bit of historical trivia here. Near the neighborhood is an archaeological park of Quindaro township. Quindaro was settled in the mid 1800’s by abolitionists and was a port for the Underground Railroad. Though very small and almost forgotten it has an interesting history, one worth remembering. The park is a work in progress as funds are slow in coming. There is a small museum, long forgotten burial sites, one can only wonder at what their stories were. Worth a side trip if you’re ever in the area.

The next night we met Veronica (Wm sister) and her hubby Tracy for dinner in downtown KC, on the Missouri side.

Great evening. Fun company. (And the best fish sandwich I’ve ever had). As usual the evening went by fairly fast. But it was so good to spend time with them.

Monday, August 21st. The culprit for having trouble getting that rv site reservation. So many places were full for that weekend. All because of the eclipse. Just a little bit north of us, St Joseph, MO was destined to have a total eclipse. So people flocked to the area just so they could drive up to experience the totality. Unfortunately what they experienced was pretty much what we experienced and we stayed home. (Lawrence had 99.3% sun blockage)

There it is, the sun, it’s right under the limbs of that tree.

Mother Nature did not want to cooperate. Too many clouds, then it rained!

It did turn to dusk, the night insects were chattering, the street lights glowed….. but unfortunately we missed the real show.

Of course, so did poor St Joseph.

That Saturday we had dinner with William’s daughter Nicole and her family.

Nicole, Sebastian, William, Sasha, Frances Jane, Jessica.

she’s such a cutie!

We enjoyed the visit…… so good to spend time with them all.

Next stop was north to Omaha, NE. Larry and Phyllis, William’s brother and sister-in-law live there. We spent some time with them, out for dinner, a nice long visit.

The Elks lodge in Omaha kindly let us park in their parking lot for a few nights. Very hospitable, very friendly crew. Great food. I’m sure we’ll stay there again our next Omaha trip.

Have to admit family time was quite enjoyable, so good seeing everyone again, this time on happier terms.

Till next time! Safe travels!


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