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September 2017

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South Dakota…….

Part 1….

We continued on our adventure north to South Dakota. Settled in Sioux Falls for a week or so at Tower Campground. Very nice park right in the city.

South Dakota has become our new residence. While we were there we obtained our drivers license. Easiest transition ever! Doing business in California always seems to take hours, long lines, lots of aggravation. Arriving 7 am at the DMV in Sioux Falls, first in line and only a few people waiting in line behind us. We were out the door, license in hand in about 20 minutes. South Dakotans newest residents!

Have to admit, both of us liked the city. It’s considered the largest city in S Dakota but has a small town feel to it. Traffic is minimal, rush hour doesn’t seem to exist. Friendly people, lovely parks throughout the city. Weather was perfect while we were there, mid 80’s and sunny. Oh I know, wait till winter, you are thinking. And, yeah, it does get cold there. But for now we’ll be someplace warmer winter months.

Sioux Falls gets its name from the falls on the Big Sioux River. It flows through the city and meets the Missouri River miles away. The city has preserved the Falls and created a park surrounding them.

Great place to have a picnic, eat at the cafe or just enjoy a quiet afternoon.

And there’s the Downtown Sioux Falls Statue walk.

Quite a few historical buildings in downtown with markers make for an enjoyable stroll while enjoying the art and reading a bit of historical trivia.

There’s another park in the city, the USS South Dakota memorial.

A very decorated ship from WW II from 1942 – 1947.

It’s a very unique Memorial. So low key we drove by it many times before realizing it was there. Since it’s a bit difficult to bring a battleship inland, they built a cement outline of the exact dimensions of the ship, and used various items from the ship to create the memorial. Some of the surviving crew members were instrumental in building this. The museum itself had so much memorabilia donated and the staff was very knowledgeable. So much history, so worth taking the time to visit.

Interestingly enough, there is a big Pickleball group. At one of the parks they’ve built several courts, busy every day during the summer. In the winter they move indoors to the courts in the rec center. It was surprising to find such a large group of players. Needless to say, William managed to get in a lot of play time.

There’s also a large trail loop around the city for biking, walking, running….scenic, it runs by the falls, to downtown, so great that the parks have created something convenient for outdoor activity.

Overall it’s at the top of our list for retirement residence. Surprising!! Yep, to me too. We’ll have to spend one winter there to check it out…..though maybe not in our motorhome.


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