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September 2017

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Part II

While I do try to be timely with publishing my blogs, sometimes I run in to delays.  Sometimes beyond my control, sometimes just because I’m a natural born procrastinator.  I do appreciate those of you who take the time to read my ramblings, following our travels and I don’t like to delay too long or disappoint.  Recently it has taken me several days to complete this last page, constantly getting errors when inserting pictures.

So please accept my apology while I search for solutions to correct this problem.  

Thank you and I hope you continue to follow us!

Take care & Safe Travels!


Continued……   South Dakota!

At Custer State Park…..

Lots of buffalo …. the ranger told us the herd is estimated to be about 1400.

And they insist on having the right of way……..who are we to argue!

Being up close and personal to these 2000 Lb giants is a little unnerving but it was awesome driving through the herd. There is always the possibility that a bull could charge. And the not so small calves are quite skittish. The slightest movement seems to send them running. Car damage was a concern but we came out unscathed. Amid the large herd that’s on the video was a small visitors rest stop a few miles in to our trek which was manned by one ranger. He was interesting and informative. The first thing he told us was to move back from the fence. They could charge and break through the fence like it was a matchstick. So we (and a few other people) backed up. Okay, so we were less than five feet from some of the big guys. 😐 kinda naive of us. He mentioned the herd travels far and wide and is only at his station every few weeks. So we had quite a treat watching them. He went on to give us some other pieces of trivia about the buffalo and the building we were in (old with some history that I can’t remember) till we got on rving and the buffalo were forgotten for awhile.

Till we got back in our car to continue the drive around the Wildlife Loop Road.





We drove by  this motley crew…..burros are much less intimidating.

Prairie dogs galore but very hard to photograph from a distance. Those little dots are the prairie dogs and the mounds of dirt the gateways to their tunnels.


It was a pleasure driving through the 18 mile wildlife loop. From the prairie to the ponderosa pines, not knowing which inhabitant would be around the bend. That day the buffalo were abundant. We missed the elk, big horned sheep and mountain lions (really wasn’t too keen on getting too close to that kitty anyway).

We drove from the wildlife loop to needles highway, a stunning 14 mile drive through forests to rugged granite mountains. To the iron mountain road that crosses Mount Rushmore.










img_8194-1         He made it to the top!!

No room for motorhomes here.



Along rt. 16A on the way to Mount Rushmore we passed through the little town of Keystone. I’m not sure of the history of Keystone but like a lot of towns in SD I think at one time it was a mining town. There’s gold in them there hills!

It really is small. The sign announcing city limits cited population of 340. What makes this little town notable is the restaurants, the shops, the “western motif”. Truly for tourists but worth some of your time driving to/from Mt Rushmore.


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