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Happy New Year!! ðŸŽ†ðŸŽŠðŸŽˆ

Well it’s the last day of 2017. This year we’ve had to sadly say goodbye to some family and friends, while welcoming new in to our fold. It’s a time for looking forward to our future and accepting our past. Let go of regrets. Embrace what is to come. Hope for peace. Pray for unification. Mostly Live your dreams, whatever they may be. No resolutions for me. My goals are just to try harder, be better, improve my health and enjoy life.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, however you wished to celebrate the season, or not. As most of our families are far from California we had a quiet holiday though quite nice. And we generally don’t party on New Year Eve, nor will we tonight. Truthfully, can’t stand dealing with the crazy (and drunken) drivers. Traffics always horrible here. And we’re fine with staying at home.

Since January is upon us we’re looking at the tail end of our stay here in Hemet. It’s time to stock up on stuff. All yearly maintenance has been done, only thing left is clean up, throw out what’s not needed. Middle of next month, in February, we’ll be on the road again. So far our itinerary is sketchy but the initial plan is to head north from here. Yosemite first, then some time in Oregon and Washington. Maybe even find a little snow to play in. The only definite we have is a freightliner class in July in South Carolina. I know, bad hair days for sure with all the heat and humidity.

So…… enjoy your New Years however you plan on bringing it in. Make it the best!!

My best to all of you!! And, as always, safe travels.

Fran & William


We knew retirement was getting close. We also knew we really wanted to travel and that it was probably too expensive to keep our house and travel as we wanted. It was time to downsize. The house was sold, a motorhome is our new home and now it's time to see the country. And this is our journey.

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