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September 2019

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Continuing West…….

Leaving Montana, I was somewhat sad to go for I would have enjoyed spending more time at Glacier.  If for nothing else than to hopefully get another glimpse at the wildlife there, really missed not seeing the elusive moose. Or just stop and set awhile enjoying the solitude, the beauty of the region.  But onward we must go.  

Our next stop was Couer De’Alene, Idaho.  Other than passing through on our way to Montana we hadn’t stayed in Idaho. An easy one day trip that ended at the Couer De’Alene Elks lodge with it’s lovely rv park and very well kept up grass sites.  A  friendly camp host to keep everything orderly.  We enjoyed our stay there through the Fourth of July holiday.  As with most lodges we have visited it was located in the outskirts of the city, it was a nice quiet mostly residential location  

Such a nice place, this rv park. William keeping busy washing the rig.

The city is located on the shores of Lake Couer De’Alene. Has a pretty river/lake walk, a nice park, a good place to spend the day.  We were there on July 3rd and main street that day had the sweetest parade…for kids, made up of kids (and some of their parents).  The Kids annual Fourth of July kids parade (though its on July 3rd). (The cities Big Kid parade was the following day.) This year their theme was Disney.  Kids seemed to have a great time showing off their costumes, sitting in their homemade floats, throwing out candy on to the sidelines.  It was fun to watch.  

This city does put on a holiday shindig with live music, food venders on the afternoon of 4th in the park by the lake.  We were told that fireworks would be over the lake that night, but as we generally do, we avoided the crush of the crowds and stayed home.

Each Saturday in summer, just about a mile from the elks lodge, there is a weekly Farmers Market.  I couldn’t resist, so each Saturday I spent my mornings at the market.  From the baked goods, to veggies, local wines and wine tasting, to awesome crafts, wonderful products overall.  I’m still enjoying the  honey/lavender hand balm that I bought there. Maybe I’m imagining things but my skin looks a tad bit younger (wishful thinking?).  Definately a place to stop by when in the area.

While in Couer De’Alene we were just a hop, skip and a jump from Spokane, WA. We went there one day when some friends (fellow rvers from the rv resort in Hemet) invited us to their home for lunch.  They live a short drive from the city, so after a lunch of pizza and salad on their patio they nicely took us on a tour of Spokane. A good, enjoyable afternoon.

We continued westward to Fall City, WA, just outside of Seattle.  It was a campground full of trees (though it does seem that everywhere in Washington is full of trees.)  It wasn’t easy finding a site without tree limbs overhanging, but the one we found didn’t have as many as most there, still we were somewhat surrounded.  For that reason we decided to leave a few days early.  Still we did take some time to tour  the area around us, and Seattle. 

So, Seattle.  Just like every city everywhere, the traffic was bad and irritating. Not knowing the lay of the land made it that much worse. Considering the past few months we’ve been way away from the hectic pace of a city, it was a little nerve wracking.  We went downtown for a day to see what we could see.  Ended at the space needle, the cities icon from the 1962 Worlds Fair. It recently reopened from a complete renovation. The rotating Loope was pretty cool watching the city slowly move around us.  It’s a total different perspective when you’re looking down at them. Sections of the floor are glass.   Yes, glass.  Beware those who are acrophobic.  The upper level Skyrisers or observation deck, thick glass walls separating you and a very steep fall. Unfortunately the upstairs restaurant was still closed at the time of our visit.  I was looking forward to having lunch there.  

We did walk around the downtown for awhile, need up at this cute little cantina for lunch. Small, but food was delicious.  

Mindful that it was a weekday, that there was an hours drive from the city,  we left early afternoon before the rush hour traffic hit.  

Fall City seems to be a very expensive suburban town.  Nice homes.  Nice properties.  Many, many trees. I found it quite odd that our rv park was nestled so close to the obviously well off area. We drove by one mega home one morning, landscaping was very attractive and evidently very tasty.  One doe and her fawn were grazing. They stopped and stared at us stopping and staring at them.  Continuously eating.  Eventually she got bored and decided that the other bushes were waiting. Then we drove on. Couldn’t help but wonder if that was a common occurrence, what the landscaping looks like by the end of summer.  

Just a short drive from our stay is Snoqualmie Falls. A pleasant way to spend the day when you got nothing else to do.

Our next stop in Washington is Sekiu. Have to admit I had never heard of the little town.  Some friends that vacation in Hemet live there and invited us to stay for a few days.  It’s so nice to be flexible and be able to change plans whenever!  

Sekiu is a small fishing village in northwest Washington on the coast of Salish Sea. We enjoyed our stay, the weather cooperated nicely, the scenery is beautiful.  And yes, one can see Canada across the sea. A fisherman’s delight, if you enjoy fishing. The village itself completely revolves around fishing, from April until September.  Our hosts, Chris & Val, were great.  They do fish almost daily and took William out with them on their boat one morning. He even managed to catch a salmon.  

While there isn’t much to do in Sekiu, one could walk around the town in a half hour, we did a little site seeing out of town.  Drove to Port Angeles to take a ferry to Victoria, BC. As it was a 90 minute ride to Canada, then 90 minutes back, we decided it would be best to leave the car in Port Angeles (much cheaper too) and just walk around the city.  It was a beautiful day and now we could say we’ve been to Canada this trip. We walked through Fishermans Warf, China Town, had a delicious lunch at an Irish pub (Irish Times) and some wonderful ice cream at a small ice cream shop. A great day and a place to come back to visit again, next time bringing home with us for a longer stay.

While we considered staying longer, it was just a laid back, scenic, region and there was more to discover. It was time to move on, knowing it is a place to come back to one day.

Next stop Oregon.

Safe travels my friends, wherever your adventures lead you!!


4 comments on “Continuing West…….

  1. Eileen Vincent says:

    I so envy you two and the wonderful adventures you have had and share. You make me proud of our country’s beauty as seen through your eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Eileen……and you are right it is a beautiful country we have. I’m thankful I’m fortunate enough to enjoy so much of it.


  2. Willa Alvarez says:

    Thank you for sharing. Love your descriptions and pictures! Where are you now?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Willa! Appreciate the feedback, glad you like my ramblings. We’re settled in Hemet, CA for the winter. With the crazy weather not interested in taking chances. Hope you all are well! ❤️❤️❤️


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