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August 2020

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Hello Mesquite, NV

Time goes by so quickly it seems.  It was yesterday when I started this page as a way for me to keep track of our travels, the good and bad of living the RV life, the places and things we’ve seen. Words and pictures seem to last much longer for me than memories. It’s a few years later and now I expect this will be my last post. For those that have followed my ramblings, I thank you.  I hope you’ve had a few smiles and some enlightenment of the places we’ve visited.  And my apologies for not keeping up with this the way I had intended. Yes I am an eternal procrastinator. Definitely a human flaw of mine.  One that I am not proud of but one flaw I own.  

We have made the decision to end our full time rv venture.  Traveling through most of the U.S. it’s been fun, exciting at times, frustrating at others, so many wonderful things we’ve experienced, people we have met along the way.  It’s a different way of living in a small but cozy environment on wheels.  Through trial and error I’ve learned a lot of things, like how to be more efficient in small spaces.   That I really don’t need to buy that item or have a place for that cute little souvenir, or really that rock is just too heavy to store in the coach (yes weight is an important issue in a home on wheels).  Of looking forward to where we were to travel next, wondering on what the next rv park would be like. Neat thing is it’s easy to pick up and leave if that particular spot didn’t suit us.  Or stay longer at times when it did.  One of the most important lessons learned, pretty fast, was the one of flexibility.  One never knows when plans will have to change…fast. 

This year life changed, as it did for everyone.  We were staying  at our winter spot in Southern California when the virus hit.  Both of us were terribly sick for a few weeks at the beginning of the year.  Maybe the flu, maybe not.  Never did find out for sure.  Plans were made to start traveling again in March, cross country this time.  Reservations made. Our granddaughter, Nadia, was graduating from law school at Boston U in May. The family was congregating and we would be there too.  Traveling there the plan was to hit the badlands of North Dakota, The Mall of America in Bloomington, Niagara Falls, see some friends and family along the way as we toured New England, New York, etc. Then life was at a stand still. Just like millions of others across the country, across the world, we didn’t know what to expect next.  We are one of the lucky ones, retired not having to worry about our jobs, we had our home.  The park where we were staying was headed into off season so it was easy to extend our stay, month by month, and many of the parks part time residents were leaving to go back to their homes in Canada and across the U.S.   All the park amenities, including the rest rooms and showers, were closed. Being totally self contained, it did not affect us too much. Though William did miss playing pickleball, as the courts were closed too.  Most of the businesses in town were closed or reduced services. Checking places across country, finding quarantines put in place, parks closing or not allowing new residents especially those from out of state, rest areas, businesses closing. Yes, we could boondock somewhere get away from it all, but after a few weeks we’d have to get back to civilization for water, fuel, food, emptying our tanks. We could travel but what could we do…some borders were closed, sites were closed, parks were closed, communities didn’t want outsiders. After long discussions, uneasiness, and uncertainties we decided to stay put, cancel all our plans and wait it out.  Wait we did.

But things started to change for us. Rving wasn’t quite as fun any more. Unlike a lot of our park neighbors, we didn’t have a home to go back to. Living in our Rv wasn’t quite what it used to be having to stay in place month after month.  Our original plans were to travel about 8 to 10 years before actually settling down again and buy a home, our last home.  And if something happened to either of us, especially William (as I don’t drive the coach)…

We are not naive as we considered all this before we set forth on this journey.  Ideas were passed around as to what we could do if one of us became ill or worse and couldn’t travel for awhile.  It was considered mostly this would be a temporary set back, affecting just us, then we’d move on.  Covid was different.  

Once we left California it was on to St. George UT.   The plan was to check out  homes while we stayed there. Utah is a beautiful state.  And we really like St George, surrounded as it is by those awesome red rocks. But it’s big, getting bigger, more expensive, more traffic, has everything.  Lots of pickle ball enthusiasts. We settled on Mesquite, NV.  Small town.  In a valley surrounded by the Virgin Mountains, flat top mesas, just before entering the Virgin River Gorge. Some very nice 55+ communities.  Just about an hours drive from Las Vegas, 45 minute drive to St. George. Lots of new homes being built, a lot cheaper than Vegas or St. George.  The plan was to pick out a lot, decide on the model we liked, wait for it to be built during the following 6 to 8 months while we continued traveling.  

Plans change.  Its been that kind of year.  

We were shown  a home that was completed, the model we wanted, a nice small lot, interior already picked out that for the most part was what I wanted and didn’t have to work at designing it.  The cherry on the top was  the incentives.  Just didn’t make sense to walk away.  A month later we closed on the house and are now Nevada residents.  

Next plan was to take our time at moving in to the house.  We had sold all our furniture years ago when we sold our California  home. Our belongings from the coach could  barely fill a closet.  We were comfortable at the Rv park and intended on starting there. We had a whole house to take our time to furnish.  

Plans change. 

The AC broke in our coach.  Temperatures were in the triple digits (still are – this is summer in the mojave desert after all). It does get hot in a RV without AC when its 110.  Timing is everything sometimes.  Good or bad. 

Our home on wheels is now in a storage facility close by the house, and for me that was sad day, it had been our home for five years now. But! we aren’t done traveling yet!!! She’s sitting there waiting for us when we can get back on the road.  Still a whole lot of country left to see and explore. 

So we are homeowners again.  Love the house.  Small, cozy, low maintenance, small yard, easy enough to leave for a month or so when we feel comfortable enough to travel again.  (We still have the northeast to get to.)  Until then we’re settling in our home. 

Have to admit it isn’t easy buying furniture online, without seeing it in person. Just don’t feel comfortable going to stores these days.  So far, its working out okay.   Did have one small mishap.  Since our bedroom isn’t too big we decided to get a captains bed which offers storage without having to squeeze a dresser in the room.  I wanted a nice firm mattress, which turned out a bit higher than I imagined.  I’m a short person, 5’1”.  Put the bed and mattress together and well…yes, I need a step stool to climb in to bed each night.  After the initial shock, I just love the bed!! 

       Dining room chairs waiting for the table. We’re still waiting. Lots of shipping and delivery delays these days.

Drones eye view of our house and us on move-in day  

Our cozy back porch.

This is now the new normal for us.

If you find yourself traveling north on I-15 in Nevada, just a hours drive NE from Las Vegas, drop on by when you hit Mesquite.  Can’t miss it!  🙂 

Take care! Stay safe! Happy travels!


6 comments on “Hello Mesquite, NV

  1. EIleen Vincent says:

    Dear Fran, so wonderful tobeupdated on you and William’s travels. Glad you are safe and healthy. You are in one of my favorite states and Mesquite is beautiful. I know you both will be happy there and I look forward to your travel posts again. Stay well, happy and healthy. God bless you both.


    1. Thanks Eileen! Hope you and you’re family are all doing well. Take care!


  2. YM says:

    P.S. Really nice house. Good size. How’s climate there?


    On Sat, Aug 22, 2020, 10:32 AM RV Fulltimers Journey wrote:

    > thervlifeblog posted: ” Time goes by so quickly it seems. It was > yesterday when I started this page as a way for me to keep track of our > travels, the good and bad of living the RV life, the places and things > we’ve seen. Words and pictures seem to last much longer for ” >


    1. Hot this time of year. 🥵 But mild the rest of the year, so I’ve been told. No snow and very little rain. I guess I’ll get to see how the winters go. Sure is nice in the mornings tho.


  3. yolanda says:

    Wow, I had not seen any recent postings and I guess it is because you were busy. Good into you provided regarding retiree life. We haven’t quite decided what location we will settle on but great to hear about info you provided. We may have to visit 😀 one of these days.

    I wish you well and I still have your number to keep in touch. Hugs amiga!


    1. Hey my friend. Thanks! Yep I have your number too, just really really bad at keeping in touch. 😊 It’s not an easy decision, but as William said it’s a good place to end our days! 😂 and I tolerate the hot much better than I can the cold. Take care!! 🤗


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