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May 2022

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Frances K

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Continuing on……

Before beginning our travels east, we headed west to the Santa Rosa, CA area after leaving Yosemite.

We arrived before the emergency vehicles. It can’t be seen but in the bushes in the ditch on the right a car went off the road and landed in the ditch. Someone said the woman driving was drinking. We were asked for a fire extinguisher as the car was starting to smoke from those who had stopped to help. Her passenger wasn’t hurt and tried to bum a ride from us. For some reason he didn’t want to stick around. Had to turn him down. We got on our way once the fire trucks arrived and the road was cleared.

Visiting with our daughter, Renee, in Santa Rosa.

Our next stay in a Thousand Trails park next to the little town of Cloverdale, on the Russian River. North of Santa Rosa. Cute little town, but very little to see. Driving down to Santa Rosa we did get to spend a couple of days with Renee. It had been quite a while since we had been together and had a great visit with her.

And we managed to spend a day in San Francisco, about an hours drive south.

Golden Gate Bridge in the distance
Yummy restaurant
It was a lot of fun watching these guys. They hang out at Pier 39.
San Francisco skyline

For our trek east, we had to stop in Las Vegas first for some service issues William wanted to take care of before traveling cross country.

From I 80 east, to US 95 south to Las Vegas.

Beautiful traveling through the Tahoe National Forest
Hawthorne, NV US-95 SB pretty sure this is Walker Lake
Luning, NV
Once a Nevada mining town now pretty much a ghost town. If we didn’t have someplace to get to, would have enjoyed exploring. Building in the back was possibly a school house. Thought I had a picture of the Long Branch Saloon…..but couldn’t find it.
Tonopah, NV
Considered the Queen of the Silver Camps back in the day. Lots of history here, Mizpah hotel built in 1907, has been renovated and restored, also said to have some resident ghosts, including a Lady in Red. There is also the Clown Motel, nearby. Though if you are not a fan of Pennywise, I wouldn’t advise stopping there……totally creepy!
Beatty, NV
Amargosa Valley, NV
at the rest stop……not really sure if this was a real jail or just a replica.
Stopped at a rest area in Amargosa Valley…..small little cafe here, really good food!
Hunter’s Grub ‘N Go

Next stop Las Vegas

Stayed in Vegas for a couple of days, did a little site seeing, got the coach checked out then headed out east bound.

Our travels from here were straight to Maryland. We stopped here and there for some rest, kept to driving only a few hours a day.

TBC ……..

Safe Travels!!

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