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June 2022

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On the road again……

Every time I think of those words, Willie Nelson’s song just pops in my mind.   It’s upbeat and represents a whole lot of why we like being on the road for now.  

“Going’ places that i’ve never been Seein’ things that I may never see again
And I can’t wait to get on the road again”         

On The Road Again / Willie Nelson

We left California the end of March,  stopped at  Redlands RV and Truck Performance Center, Redlands, CA for a few minor repairs.  It only took a day and we got to hit the road the next day.  Our reservation at the RV park in St. George, UT was a few days away, so there were a few days to kill.  We stopped at Primm, NV at the border of California and Nevada.  Prime, Buffalo Bills, Whiskey Pete’s (where the bullet riddled car of Bonnie and Clyde is on display)  hotel and casino’s, a Fashion Mall.  It’s not as thriving as it used to be.  When the mall first opened several years ago there were so many shops.  Now the mall is half empty.  The roller coaster wasn’t open, nor was the monorail…… still it’s a nice place to stop for a couple of days. Places to eat. And there’s my favorite, slot machines!  And I won enough this time to cover dinner!! 

St. George, Utah

It’s nice medium sized city with a small time feel.  A desert community just north of the Arizona border, a unique convergence of three distinct geological areas: the Mojave Desert, Colorado Plateau, and Great Basin. It is surrounded by such beautiful mountains and valleys. A short drive to Zion National Park, several state parks. A cornucopia for the lover of the outdoors. Walking, biking, hiking trails. Trails to go off-roading in your polaris. Or just sitting outdoors and contemplate your existence.

St. George was founded as a cotton mission by Brigham Young. With the Civil War starting, they feared cotton would be impossible to import. So the area was established to grow cotton. With the sunny weather most of the year, little rain, practically no snow, mild temperatures and the Virgin River right in the valley. Being quite successful in this endeavor, this became Brigham Young’s southern headquarters and winter home.

It’s a growing city now, popular with retirees and vacationers.

 Beautiful pristine white, Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints Temple of St George. Building completed in 1877. Middle picture is the Tabernacle. Last picture is Brigham Young’s winter residence.

Sculptures of downtown St. George

Zion National Park

Just some samples of the park, but they do not do the park justice.

Snow Canyon State Park

Red and white Navajo sandstone, redrock cliffs, petrified sand dunes, which we climbed (I climbed too), regular sand dunes where kids got to run wild (we kind of stayed away from them), lava tubes, so many hiking trials. A wonderful gem just outside of the city.

Gunlock Reservoir

Outside the reservoir we found these two…….darn cattle, every few steps I took closer to them, they kept going the other way, they had to keep their distance.

Silver Reef Mining town, Leeds, UT

Lots of silver in them hills.  Silver in  white sandstone, which I was told is quite rare.  It was once a thriving mining town in the late 1800’s. But as what happens, the silver was mined out and it became less and less profitable. Eventually the town died out too,  what was left was a ghost town. Now just ruins.  Still it’s quite interesting.  There’s a nice little museum in the Wells Fargo building. 

While the mines and town are gone there are quite a few modern homes in the area.  Most with stunning view, as the one above.  Those are the snow topped Pine Valley Mountains in the background.

Utah is home to so many national and state parks, so many to see, so little time. The one park the caught my eye, Goblin Valley State Park. Its in eastern Utah and quite a distance so we didn’t get to it. But it sure does look eerie……. (images are from their web site.)

We stayed a month in St. George. As always, time has a way of continuing on even when you’d rather it didn’t. We were also waiting for the weather to be more cooperative as we were heading north next. While it was nice and cozy in the south, in the north it was storm after storm and snow! But we still had to leave and now we’re sitting in Heber City, UT. And that story is for the next installment. Until next time…..

Safe Travels!! Enjoy the ride wherever you travel to!!


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